Sandy Courts House Rules

  • Hand setting - Setting is judged very strictly. The hands must act together smoothly, or a “double-hit” should be called. Spin is not a fault… but spin is an indicating factor of a possible fault. Sets that visibly come to rest or are re-directed are “held ball” faults.
  • 4's Rec Co-Ed Only- When a beach player uses a hand setting action to attack the opponent’s courts, it MUST be completed the trajectory of the ball perpendicular to the line of their shoulders.
  • Tips - “Open hand” tipping is illegal. To dink legally, all fingers in contact with the ball must be “rigid and together”. Knuckles are exempted.
  • Setting over (only applies to the 4’s Rec Co-Ed leagues) - Setting the ball across to the opponent’s court with finger action is only legal if the setter’s body position is established and the set is made directly forward or directly behind that position (“square” to the attacker’s facing direction). Setting the ball across to the opponent’s court while off-angle or pivoting and not setting a teammate; will be called for an “illegal attack”.
  • Blocks - A block is an action (close to the net and above the net) that attempts to intercept a ball coming from the opponent's court. Serves may not be blocked. Blocks on the opponent’s side may occur provided this action does not interfere with opponents play.  Blockers may penetrate the plane over the net and block only after an attack hit.
  • How to judge defensive plays - If a player DELIBERATELY uses open-hand finger-action to contact ANY ball, that contact must be judged as a set. (The “hard driven” ball is considered to move too fast for “deliberate decision” to employ setting
  • Ball Near the Net - The ball must be played across the net within the crossing space above the net. Above the net, teams may play the ball only ON THEIR OWN SIDE (no reaching beyond the plane to “bring back” a set above net). Blocks on the opponent’s side may occur provided this action does not interfere with opponents play or after the execution of an attack hit. Any contact, with the net, will be considered a fault.  At no time during the play, can an athlete touch the net.
  • Under- There is no center line (literally) or in the sense of team possession. Players may cross into the opponent’s area (generally during “pursuit” or during an attempt to save a ball in or under the net) as long as they do not interfere with the opponents.
  • Serves- Server is permitted one toss per service attempt using either hand or foot. Serves may not be attacked while still higher than the top of the net from anywhere on the court.
  • Dinks- To dink legally, all fingers in contact with the ball must be “rigid and together”. Knuckles are exempt.
  • Digs - During the team's first contact it is legal for the ball to strike two or more parts of a defenders' body during a single action to play the ball.
    1. Double contact with overhand finger action is NOT allowed unless;
    2. the double-contact was in defense of a “hard –driven attack”

              Also note:

  1. “Hard driven” balls may be momentarily held (as well as “doubled with finger action”).
  2. Simultaneous contact by teammates counts as TWO hits.
  • SERVED balls are (by rule) declared “NOT AN ATTACK-HIT”.


All league rules override USA Volleyball rules.



                        Composition and Registration

  1. Four-player: Four players and four substitutes maximum, must have a minimum of two players on the court.
  2. Six-player: Six players and six substitutes maximum, must have a minimum of four players on the court.


Co-ed 6’s Female Contact Rule, and Female Player Strength

  1. Female contact rule: A female must make contact with the ball if it is contacted more than one time before the ball is returned over the net
  2. Female player strength: A minimum ratio of 1:2 females is required at all times. (i.e. if you have four players you must have at least one female on the court, if you have five or more players you must have at least two females on the court.)


Waivers and Adding Substitutes

  1. All regular players and substitutes must complete a waiver for each session of volleyball. The captain will complete a team roster listing all regular players and subs on that team.
  2. A team may not add a substitute after week number six


Player Eligibility

  1. A player may only play on one team in a league, but may play on more than one league. A player may play on multiple leagues in a night. (EXCEPTIONS BY MGMT. ONLY)
  2. Subs may only sub on one team in a league, but may sub on more than one league. A sub may play on multiple leagues in a night.


Point, Game and Match Winner

            Scoring System

                        To Win a Match

  1. To win a match a team must win two out of three games played. If a team wins the first two matches, you will still play the third game. Each game won counts towards your team standings.


To Win a Set

  1. 4's: Scoring will be to 25 points, per set, with rally scoring. The point cap is 27. Games are played rally-point from the beginning.
  2. 6's: Scoring will be to 21, points per set, with rally scoring. The point cap is 25. Games are played rally-point from the beginning.


Match Time Limits

  1. A match will have a one-hour time limit. The first 5 minutes are for warm-up, or if both teams agree they can start immediately. Your team will then have 55 minutes to complete the match after the five-minute warm-up. The match will end promptly at the end of the hour.
  2. One minute breaks between sets
  3. Teams are allowed two timeouts, per game, not to exceed 30 seconds in length. No time-outs in the last 2 minutes of the hour.
  4. Any team not ready to play after the five minute warm-up will forfeit the first set, and for each additional five minute interval will forfeit each additional set in the match.
  5. Your referee has the executive desicion to end the match at a 15 point cap if they feel like it is nessesary due your time limit on the court.

Preparation for the Match, Structure of Play

            Preparation for the Match

                        Coin Toss/Game Ball

  1. Before the warm-up the referee will use a coin or a game of chance to determine which team will serve or which side of the court a team would start on. (The team on the left side of the schedule will pick.) The winner of the coin toss will decide if they want the ball or side. The teams will rotate service and side for the remaining games.
  2. Teams will use a Sandy Courts game ball. If both teams agree on a different ball, they may switch.  We will use old games balls, during bad weather or the presence of wet ground, so that we do not damage our new game balls.


Team Line-up

  1. If an opponent questions a member on your team, and they have not completed a waiver and/or were not listed as a substitute on your roster, then you will forfeit the game. All players must complete a waiver, before walking on the court.



  1. Subs must rotate in. All player rotations must occur in the same position on the court. It does not have to be for the same player. A player may sub for multiple players, as long as the rotation occurs in the same position on the court.



  1. 4’s must rotate service order, players may position themselves anywhere within the court.
  2. In 6’s leagues, at the time the ball is contacted for service, the placement of players must conform to the service order. 6’s leagues must rotate position/service order.


Determining the Champion

  1. If there is a tie in total games won at the end of the season, both teams will receive T-shirts.
  2. The winning team will receive T-shirts for all regular players. (Additional shirts will be available at a cost of $8.00 per shirt.)


Referee Calls

  1. All referee calls are final.
  2. Any call that a referee is unable to call will result in a replay of the rally.
  3. Excessive arguing with the referee will result in removal from Sandy Courts faculty. (Judgment calls are not argue-able with the referee)
  4. If a ball comes into the court the rally is ended and will be replayed.

Volleyball Season Housekeeping Issues


  1. All league fees must be paid in full. Any team, not paid in full, will not play.
  2. The league will run 10 weeks.
  3. We will play in light rain. In the case of lightening, matches will be cancelled, or delayed.
  4. In case of bad weather, please call Sandy Courts, 734-837-0415, after 5:00 PM, to see if the games have been cancelled. There will be a message stating the status of play. For later matches, the best thing to do is call before you leave; to make sure the games are still being played.
  5. If a night is rescheduled, in its entirety, it will be moved to the end of the season. All rainouts will be played at the end of the season.
  6. There is to be no outside food or beverages brought onto the property. This includes your vehicle, parking lot, grass area and near the courts. Any person caught will be removed from the property and may be prosecuted. The team will also be asked to leave for the remainder of the season and forfeit all league fees and playing privileges.
  7. If you are planning to drink, please bring your ID.
  8. Practice balls are available for use. Please give bartender your ID or keys in exchange for a ball. You must return ball to get ID or keys back.  There will be a $60.00 charge for any ball not returned. If an individual does not pay the fee for the lost ball, the team may be removed from league and forfeit league fees.
  9. Schedules will be available online at
  10. Captains will be emailed and/or receive a text message for any schedule changes.
  11. If you have any league standing inquiries, please see bartender at V-Ball Shack.
  12. If you are unable to make a scheduled match, please call Sandy Courts so we can notify the other team. If the team does not want to reschedule, you will have to forfeit the three games. In turn, your opponent will be awarded the three wins. If your opponent is willing to reschedule, there is a $15.00 charge, which must be paid by the team that is requesting to reschedule the game.  This fee will be used to pay for the referee. Please schedule the time for makeup with the bartender in the V-Ball Shack. (The other team does not have to reschedule, if you cannot make the match)
  13. League members receive discounted open play time
  14. Please address all concerns or comments to Bionca Hernandez: or (734)-755-7857


All rules are in accordance with the USA Volleyball, Official Beach Volleyball Rules. You can visit their website at, to view and download a complete copy of the rules.